First blog post

This is my very first post.

I am Gnasher, a very switched on dog, 4 years old soon to be 5 in January.

As I just said, for a dog I am pretty switched on, or so it would appear. In all honesty this was my first mistake, at around 16 weeks old my owner realised I could easily selectively target the particular belongings of my two owners and my Mam noticed and she showed my dad.

Now, I should explain at this point that I am nothing special, all dogs are the same as me, we can all think. My mistake was made before I even realised that it’s supposed to be a secret that all dogs must keep from all people.

Once I knew, the cat was already out of the bag, so to speak, and I have tried to put things back as they are supposed to be, but you can’t untake the red pill, no matter how hard you might try.

Over the years I have developed the ‘dopey cartoon face’ as my owner describes it.

I have been as thick as they come not finding my ball, despite clear directions from my owner.

However, no matter how how thick I look and behave my owner still knows that I am not that thick. The more I try the more evidence I provide that I am trying to think of ways to prove I can’t and don’t think. Or this is what she thinks.

The fact is, she knows that it is in fact, a fact. So she has decided to write down the story of me, being with me, and watching me being me and my attempts at not being me.

And this is what I will be writing about here……..


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